Are Goji Berries good for you?

    Vitamin C

    Boosts Immune System

    Helps protect cells, prevent illness and fight off infection.


    Protects Cells

    Helps stabilise free radicals, protecting cells from potentially dangerous mutations.


    Improves Digestion

    Known to help reduce inflammation in the gut and improve digestion.


    Builds Muscle

    An excellent source of protein, used for building and repairing tissues.


    Provides Slow Release Energy

    Carbs supply the body with glucose, which is converted to energy. It's released slowly which helps avoid spikes in blood sugar levels.


    Makes Bones Stronger

    Helps build strong bones and teeth. Calcium also helps your muscles contract properly, and aids blood clotting.


    Boosts Oxygen Circulation

    Helps in the creation of red blood cells, which carry oxygen around the body.


    Nutritional value in a handful of Goji Berries...
    (% RDA in 50g)

    Loads of...

    A good amount of...

    A small amount of...


    Absent Nutrients: Fatty acids, Fatty acids, Cholesterol

    Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) % shown for adult females, as published by the NHS (UK).

    Medical Research into eating Goji Berries


    Cardiorespiratory Endurance

    Reliability: Early Evidence. [1]

    can help to treat


    Reliability: Promising Signs. [1]

    can help improve


    Reliability: Early Evidence. [1]

    can help improve


    Reliability: Early Evidence. [1]

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