Are Nettles good for you?


    Makes Bones Stronger

    Helps build strong bones and teeth. Calcium also helps your muscles contract properly, and aids blood clotting.


    Boosts Energy Production

    Magnesium helps convert food into energy. Also helps promote good bone health by supporting the production of certain hormones.

    Vitamin A

    Good for Vision, Skin and Bones

    Also aids the immune system in fighting illness and infection, and boosts your vision in dim light.

    Vitamin K

    Good for Blood & Bones

    Improves blood clotting and wound healing, and helps keep bones strong and healthy.


    Nutritional value in a tea cup of Nettles...
    (% RDA in 5g)

    Bear in mind, the bars below will be very small, because the serving is tiny.

    Loads of...

    A small amount of...

    A tiny amount of

    Absent Nutrients:

    Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) % shown for adult females, as published by the NHS (UK).

    Medical Research into eating Nettles

    can help inhibit

    Prostate Cancer

    Reliability: Early Evidence. [1]

    can help to treat


    Reliability: Early Evidence. [1]

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