2 Health Benefits of Folate (Vitamin B9)

    • Forms Healthy Red Blood Cells

      Strengthens vision in dim light.

    • Reduced Risks to Unborn Babies

      Folic acid can reduce the risk of unborn babies getting central neural tube defects, such as spina bifida.


    How much Folate do I need?

    0.2mg is recommended, which is easily achievable when eating a balanced diet.

    Women trying for a baby should up the dose to 0.4mg a day right up until 12 weeks pregnant. Women affected by a known neural tube defect should ask their doctor if they should increase intake further during pregnancy.

    Too Much

    Can I take too much Folate?

    There's currently no evidence to show what the effects of taking too much Folate are.


    Is getting Folate from supplements the same as getting Folate from food?

    Folate is one of the few vitamins which is actually better absorbed in supplement form - up to 70% better, in fact! The body can't store Folate, so it's important to get it somehow.

    Pregnant women are advised to get Folate from a supplement, as well as natural food sources.

    Top Sources of Folate (per serving)

    Here are some foods rich in Folate. (1μg is 0.001mg)